About Me

I am Vedashree Shere and I hail from Mumbai, city of dreams!!
I am a happy crab born on the 20th July 1994. I love colours but white is my everlasting love. I wish to travel to every corner of the world. I crib about getting up early in the mornings unless it's travel! I consider myself a ‘forever student,’ eager to learn and absorb to make a better me.

My journey so far

I started out as a fashion merchandiser in a lingerie retail company.
I worked on many projects with the creative team and that's when I realised my true calling is designing. I studied Graphic Designing and worked as a Graphic/Ui designer with an Agrotech company.Now here I am, at Northeastern to pursue Masters in Digital Media to climbup the success ladder in the digital world.

Where I see myself

I dream of becoming an ace designer probably working in a cool workspace of some highly progressive company.

What I love doing

How to stay in touch

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